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Welcome to the LVMH Alert Line !

LVMH and its Maisons excel in nurturing the value of their brands, continually strengthening their appeal with bold innovation while respecting their unique and prestigious heritage. This is what inspires the success of the LVMH Group and guarantees our future.

The success of the LVMH Group and of its Maisons also depends on the commitment of all of us to the rules, practices and common principles that guide our daily conduct, everywhere in the world, in terms of ethics, social responsibility and respect of the environment. We must ensure that our practices reflect the highest standards of integrity, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and respect towards all our stakeholders.

The principles set out in the LVMH Code of Conduct and internal guidelines, principles and policies provide a common ethical framework for all the actions of LVMH and its Maisons. We expect exemplary behavior from all our employees and partners.

It is thus of the utmost importance that ethical concerns be raised and addressed either at Maison or Group level.

As we strongly promote a culture of dialogue, all employees, and external partners and clients  (“stakeholders”) of the LVMH Group who become aware of actual or potential misconduct and/or violations of the LVMH Code of Conduct, internal guidelines, principles and policies and/or of applicable laws and regulations shall promptly raise their concern and/or ask for guidance.

Employees can contact their manager or their human resources manager, their Maison's Ethics and Compliance correspondent or the Group's Ethics and Compliance Director.

Stakeholders can raise their concern to their key contact person(s) at LVMH.

In addition to these normal channels for raising ethical and other concerns that should be favored as much as possible, the Group's employees and stakeholders have access to this Alert Line.

This Alert Line guarantees the confidentiality for the person raising the alert to the extent provided by applicable law. The LVMH ethics Alert Line is hosted by an external provider which is also bound by strong confidentiality and security commitments.

The use of the Alert Line shall be made in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and calls on each user's ethics and accountability.

Sanctions or retaliatory measures of any kind are prohibited against people who use this Alert Line in good faith, even when the suspicions at the origin of the alert eventually prove groundless. Acts of retaliation should be reported immediately and will be disciplined appropriately. However, any use of this Alert Line in bad faith may lead to legal or disciplinary sanctions.

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