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Welcome to the LVMH Alert Line !

LVMH encourages open communication and dialogue within the Group and with its external partners and clients (“stakeholders”).

Any employee or external stakeholder who becomes aware of violations of the LVMH Code of Conduct, internal guidelines, principles and policies and/or of applicable laws and regulations is invited to raise their concern and/or ask for guidance.

Employees can contact their manager or their human resources manager, their Maison’s Ethics and Compliance correspondent or the Group’s Ethics and Compliance Director.Stakeholders can raise their concern to their contact person(s) at LVMH.

In addition to these channels for raising ethical and other concerns, the Group’s employees and stakeholders have access to the LVMH Alert Line. This online interface provides a fully confidential and secure way of reporting in good faith violations of the laws, regulations, or principles of internal conduct.

The Group ensures that no disciplinary sanction is taken against persons who have made use of these channels in good faith, even if the facts subsequently prove to be inaccurate or unfounded and/or do not give rise to any proceedings or sanctions.

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What sort of reports can I submit?
What is the process for submitting a report?
How is my report going to be treated?
How is the confidentiality of my report ensured?
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