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Welcome to the Data Breach Notification System in “Tell ams OSRAM“

Protecting personal data is very important to ams OSRAM. We need your support to make sure that we comply with all provisions of our Data Privacy obligations. If a Data Breach occurs, it could impact ams OSRAM's reputation, which will result in a loss of customer, employee and business partner confidence. This type of loss could not only damage ams OSRAM's reputation as a reliable and trusted brand but the entire company would be impacted.

“Tell ams OSRAM“ allows you to inform the Corporate Data Protection Officer of all Data Breach incidents that affect personal data. Please see the FAQ on the left-hand side for more information on Data Breaches.

If you have reason to assume that personal data could have been accessed by unauthorized persons, please do not hesitate to notify us through “Tell ams OSRAM“. Please also submit a report if you are not sure whether the respective incident qualifies as a Data Breach. We will review every report very carefully and decide on further steps.

All information collected will remain confidential. “Tell ams OSRAM“ may be used by employees as well as other persons outside the ams OSRAM organization.

What is a Data Breach?
Is there a deadline for submitting a Data Breach notification?
How can I report a Data Breach?
How does a Data Breach put ams OSRAM at risk?