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A secure way to report violations in business practices

Tikkurila's Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental requirements for how we do business. It's about law and ethics. Every single Tikkurila employee is responsible for acting according to the Code of Conduct and we expect our partners to do the same.

The objective of this internet based reporting system is to secure that Tikkurila's daily operations are in accordance with the Code of Conduct and to offer an anonymous way to bring up violations against these principles or other illegal or unethical business practices.

Tikkurila's employees and other stakeholders should always feel free to discuss questions regarding the Code of Conduct. In case or questions about compliance with local regulations or in case of potential conflicts between Group guidelines and existing or pending legislation, please contact Tikkurila's Legal Affairs for further consultation (e-mail: audit.management@tikkurila.com).

If you would like to send your first report, please click here:
If you have already set up a postbox, you may login here:
  • Why should I submit a report?

    The mutual trust is very important for us. Our goal is to set standards, not only by virtue of our competency and performance, but also through the manner in which we act ethically. This includes compliance with behavior requirements of the Code of Conduct, with values and obligations as well as with legal provisions.

    We are aiming to ensure that our conduct is always ethically irreproachable, correct and exemplary – in every respect.

    Perhaps you have knowledge of harmful behavior patterns that put our company at risk. But perhaps you shy away from passing on this information personally.

    We want to effectively protect you as a whistleblower and are providing you with a secured communications platform for submitting reports with your name or anonymously. If you wish, you will remain completely anonymous! Nevertheless, you can actively participate in clarification by setting up a secured postbox.

    Every individual shares the responsibility for protecting our company against damage.

  • What cases can be reported?

    You can report criminal offences, violations related to ethical misconduct (e.g., of the Code of Conduct), infringements relating to misuse of inside information and violations of accounting or auditing principles to protect our company against, for example, economic loss and damage to our reputation.

    You will receive detailed information on possible categories for a report during the whistleblowing process.

  • How does a report work? How do I set up a postbox?

    If you would like to send a report either with your name or anonymously, click the “Submit a report” button at the upper left of our info page.

    The reporting process consists of 4 steps:

    1. First you are asked to read information on protecting your anonymity and to respond to a confirmation prompt.
    2. On the next page you are asked for the category of your report.
    3. On the reporting page, phrase your information in your own words and select answers to questions about the case. You may use up to 4,096 characters in the free-text field, which corresponds to a full DIN A4 page. You may also attach small files up to 2 MB to support your report. Keep in mind that electronic documents may contain information about the author. After you send your report, you will receive a number as proof that you have sent this report.
    4. Set up your own, secured postbox. You will receive feedback from us, answer questions and be notified about the progress of your report via this postbox.
    If you already have a secured postbox, you can reach this mailbox directly via the “Login” button. Here as well, you must first respond to the confirmation prompt.

    As long as you yourself do not input any data that allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity, the BKMS® Incident Reporting protects your anonymity.

    We assure you that we are not interested in your personal information as the whistleblower, but rather on the case you are reporting. Irregularities should be exposed and damage averted.

  • How do I receive feedback and still remain anonymous?

    The utmost principle of the BKMS® procedure used here is to protect the whistleblower. The functionality of anonymity protection is certified.

    When you set up your secured postbox, you select a pseudonym and password yourself. Your report is kept anonymous through encryption and other special security routines. You will never be asked for your personal information during the reporting process. As long as you yourself do not input any data that allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity, the BKMS® Incident Reporting protects your anonymity.

    You can additionally protect your anonymity by using a public PC (e.g., at an Internet café).

    Via your secured postbox, an examiner will provide you with feedback about what is happening with your report or will ask questions if any details are still unclear. You will remain completely anonymous during the dialog as well. We are interested in reports so that we can avert damage, and not in your personal information as the whistleblower.