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Welcome to the ZF Trustline

As a global leader in the automotive industry, ZF is committed to excellence, honesty, integrity and behavior in accordance with all applicable laws. The trust that our customers, business partners and employees place in us is our biggest asset. In order to maintain this trust, we must base our actions on the highest business and ethical standards and commitments, applicable laws and policies.

We must protect and grow this trust every day. ZF Trustline supports this, and allows employees, customers, business partners and other external persons to submit reports regarding potential compliance violations in identified categories. ZF Trustline also supports anonymous reporting, if desired. These reports help ZF identify and remedy unacceptable behavior at an early stage and therefore minimize risks. Please note that the ZF Trustline is one of many methods of reporting potential violations, and direct contact with company management or ZF Compliance is always an option.

Reports must be made in good faith, and be based on information that is correct to the best of the reporter's knowledge and belief. ZF Compliance will review all reports made through ZF Trustline, and determine proper handling to protect the company. Reports will be reviewed confidentially, discretely and with great care. It sometimes may be necessary to ask follow-up questions to the person making the report. ZF Trustline allows for this, even on an anonymous basis.

ZF expects its employees to lead by example and do what they can to stop others from engaging in non-compliant behavior, and prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good-faith complaint or participates in an investigation of such a complaint.

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