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Gesellschaft für Dienste im Alter mbH

The best protection comes from within

GDA is a company that is led by people for people. With their actions, each individual contributes to creating a positive image for the company.
But where there are people, there can also be malpractice.
This can be very diverse at a company like GDA, for example, in care, in day-to-day interactions with employees, in the procurement of care products and aids or other consumer goods, or when awarding contracts for third-party services of any kind.
Infringements of our mission statement, violations of human and social regulations or standards of law, such as bodily harm, sexual harassment, abuse, discrimination, theft, fraud or corruption damage not only the company, but especially our residents and employees.
The protection of the people in our care and a collegial, fair and harmonious working life are prerequisite for our continued joint success.

However, people do not often have the confidence to openly address and report issues within the organisation. They fear negative consequences, such as losing their job or being called a “whistleblower”.

The experiences from administrative bodies, companies or organisations show that these fears are justified. The protection of the whistleblower is therefore a particular concern for GDA.
GDA protects the whistleblower from possible harm with this whistleblowing system, through which you can contact GDA’s trust counsel, Wolfgang Lindner, directly to report your observations. You may remain entirely anonymous if you prefer. Mr Lindner is not an employee of GDA. He is a neutral contact.

It is not technically possible to identify you as the whistleblower as long as you do not enter any data that allows conclusions to be drawn about your identity.
The system offers the great advantage of allowing you to remain anonymous but still enter into dialogue with our trust counsel. Therefore, we kindly ask you to set up a secured postbox at the end of the reporting process so that you can be contacted in case of queries on the facts of the case.

Please support us in recognising and clarifying any malpractice at an early stage – for the well-being of the people in our care, our employees and our company! Thank you!

Why should I submit a report?
What sort of reports will help your organisation?
What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
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