The Independent Special Commission (ISC)

Independent Investigations
In the Best Interest of the Child

The Independent Special Commission (ISC) is mandated by the International Senate of SOS Children’s Villages (SOS CV) to investigate allegations arising from the work of SOS CV.

The ISC works independently and impartially with the utmost adherence to the integrity and fundamental fairness of its processes; the best interest of the children and youth under SOS CV’s care; and the dignity and safety of all persons involved.

To further its work, the ISC welcomes reports from victims, survivors, witnesses and whistleblowers and any other persons who submit a report in good faith with allegations arising from SOS CV operations anywhere in the world. A “whistleblower” is any SOS CV staff or other personnel who submits such a report.

The ISC seeks to ensure that any person who submits a report in good faith is protected against retaliation. The ISC maintains the confidentiality of the information it receives.

The reports of the ISC to the SOS CV International Senate will not disclose the identity of any victim, survivor, witness or whistleblower without the concerned person’s express and informed consent.

The ISC may, however, be obliged to refer certain criminal offences to the appropriate national authorities under the applicable laws.

Please visit the ISC website and specifically our "Report an Allegation" page at

The Commissioners are grateful for your cooperation with the ISC.

Justice Willy MutungaJustice Gita MittalMona Ali Khalil
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