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To make a report to FIFA, you may access the FIFA Reporting Portal:

Dear Sir or Madam,
FIFA wants to promote the game of football, to protect its integrity and to bring the game to all. Our mission is to grow the game, to enhance the football experience and to build a stronger institution. If you are aware of any unethical behaviour or match manipulation, or if you know of players who are doping and thus endangering the integrity of the game, we urge you to inform us immediately. You can also use this platform if you are a human rights defender or media representative and consider your rights to have been infringed in relation to your work associated with FIFA.

FIFA takes a zero-tolerance approach to such matters, and all issues raised will be handled promptly in line with our statutory rules, codes of conduct and internal guidelines. This platform offers you the opportunity to alert us to any issues.

The platform has been created by an external provider and is secure to preserve your anonymity. Your feedback will be treated with the strictest confidentiality possible under the applicable laws and regulations.

Every individual can contribute to promoting transparency and integrity through vigilance and a sense of responsibility. Please help us to protect football and our organisation against harmful behaviour and to support our efforts to implement FIFA's human rights commitments.

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