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“Tell ams OSRAM“ is the notification system for Compliance, Data Privacy & Human Rights violations

ams OSRAM expects its employees to act responsibly and with personal integrity as well as to incorporate our ethical values in their daily business. Should you become aware of any unethical or illegal business behavior in the field of Compliance (in particular of anti-corruption, antitrust laws or money laundering), in the field of Data Privacy or in the field of Human Rights please use “Tell ams OSRAM“ to securely and confidentially report any potential violation or concern. The notification system is applicable to all affiliated companies of the ams OSRAM group. Please help ams OSRAM to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance Whistleblowing

ams OSRAM is obliged to detect, resolve and react appropriately to any compliance offences.

Compliance offences are misconducts relating to violations of accounting principles or laws and regulations applicable to ams OSRAM's business activities that may result in criminal proceedings or administrative fines.

Data Breach Notification

In case of a Data Breach ams OSRAM may be required to notify the appropriate supervisory authority and also the affected individuals within a very short timeframe, such as only 72 hours.

A Data Breach occurs if personal data is exposed and can be accessed by an unauthorized person.

Human Rights Violations & Concerns

ams OSRAM respects the human rights of people affected by what we do, who we work with and what we offer to our customers.

Employees and external stakeholders can raise violations or concerns about human rights impacts or abuses that are related to the ams OSRAM operations, business relationships, supply chain or products.