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Reporting undesirable developments is important for early detection of risks

The name Schaeffler stands for quality and innovation. We have built up this reputation over decades of excellent work. Observance of the law and regulations and responsible social actions are just some of the principles for our reputation and our sustainable company success. Illegal and irresponsible behavior can severely damage this good reputation and permanently endanger our success.

This Incident Reporting System as a component of an effective Compliance Management System is used for early detection of undesirable developments which could lead to considerable risks for Schaeffler. For this reason, only reports on certain compliance infringements will be accepted and processed.

Using this Incident Reporting System, in addition to the use of conventional communication methods, we can offer the facility for providing information on compliance infringements without revealing your identity. You can provide information online or by telephone round the clock, seven days a week, right round the world.

If you wish to provide information anonymously, we would ask you to set up a secured postbox at the end of your report so that anonymous communication during the course of report processing can continue to take place.

You also have the opportunity to put an anonymous question on subjects relevant to compliance to the Compliance Department if you are unsure whether an undesirable development has taken place.

We encourage you to provide a report which reveals your identity. Schaeffler takes reasonable and suitable measures to protect the whistleblower.

Reports should be provided in good time, carefully, completely and correctly.

Misuse of the Incident Reporting System for the provision of deliberately incorrect reports can lead to criminal and disciplinary measures.

In order to simplify the text we have selected the male gender form of whistleblower, employee, contact etc. It goes without saying that these terms also equally apply to the female gender form.

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